Best 5 Video Editors For Your Facebook Feeds

Social media platforms like Facebook have become one of the most popular ways of marketing your product or services and yourself. This further makes it integral to upload only good and high-quality content. While pictures were the main form of media all this while, recently, videos have taken the industry by storm, which calls for any online influencer to know about an online video editor.

There are many video editing tools you can find in the market; the video editing tools mentioned here can be used for several purposes, including making videos for your family or enhancing your webinar videos. However, one thing common for all tools is that you can easily edit your video for social media platforms like Facebook here.

Mentioned here are the 5 that have ranked the highest amongst those. Keep reading to get a detailed insight on how each of these tools performs and what you can do with them.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Everyone who has been well-versed with the video editing community has heard the name Adobe premiere pro. With similar functionalities, this is an easier and more user friendly alternative made especially for making short videos. This tool allows you to make high-quality content for your Facebook feed without much hassle.

One of the main features of this tool that make it a better alternative than the hordes of others available is the ability to record a video directly from your device’s camera and start editing instantly. Along with that, Adobe also provides you with a comprehensive list of motion graphics that are easy to apply.

The motion graphics included consist of color enhancements and the ability to add fonts and change the video. You can also add any media from your camera roll in addition to audio tracks. With in-built effects like multiple split views or picture-in-picture and royalty-free audio options, Adobe has left no stone unturned in making this one of the best video editing tool available.

2. LumaFusion

A relatively new but more professional video editing tool is in the third position in this list. This comes with several free features, along with certain in-app purchases, which make your edit look a lot more professional. Overall the tool is very easy to use and has an intuitive design, making learning it a breeze.

You can get free sound effects, music loops, and backgrounds that can help make images to video without much effort. You get 6 video and audio tracks that you can use efficiently to make your video more appealing to the viewer and the customizable aspect ratios and frame rates that range from 18 fps to 240 fps.

What sets it apart is its ability to share your work on any monitor. If you are looking for an tool that comes with several layer effects and can help you add subtitles, this is the one you should choose.

3. InVideo

Another very well-known video editing tool is InVideo. Relatively newer, this tool comes packed with several features. With an easy-to-use interface and more than 5,000 video templates, this is perhaps the best video editor option on the list.

Along with that, the user interface is quite intuitive, making it quite easy to learn. If you are a beginner, this affordable platform is for you.

Once you have imported your videos on the platform, you can then trim the video, cut it in places, add text or subtitles, and even color templates. Enjoy features like text-to-speech, which only makes the whole process a lot easier. You will also get 24*7 support from the tech service, who are experienced enough to guide you through any issue you might face.

Made mainly for social media videos, this tool can be synced with all social media tools, including Facebook as well, which allows easy sharing.

4. FilmoraGo

With over 50 million downloads, FlimoraGO is one of the most popular tools used by Android users to edit their social media videos. As is evident by the name, the user interface is mainly focused on allowing the user to make the most of their editing skills while on the move.

This means the tool is very intuitive and easy to use. In addition to that, it comes with several innovative features like copy-pasting or rotating sequences and a massive set of sound effects and music tracks you can choose from. You can also add subtitles and filters to your video with this tool.

However, when it comes to color correction and adjusting the essentials of a video, the options are rather limited. You are allowed to adjust the clarity, brightness, contrast, and saturation only. That said since you are allowed to create personal filters, that is not really a problem you have to face too often.

5. Splice

While not many people have heard about splice, it is quite efficient and intuitive to use. It is GoPro’s attempt at making a simple video editor, mainly for iOS devices. You can create, edit, and publish your videos directly from the tool itself with an Apple device. Instead limited with its functionality, this tool is made more likely for beginners and allows you to make certain subtle changes in your videos.

These include easy backgrounds and filters and the ability to trim, crop, and cut the videos; you can also change colors, add text overlays, adjust the playback speeds, and even add transitions to your video. The tool allows you to easily share your edited file on social media platforms as well. This is an ideal tool for anyone who is just starting out with video editing.

To Sum Up

Irrespective of any tool you download, you must learn the basics of video editing. This will allow you to use these tools to the fullest. Rest assured, with a proficient video editor, you can make your video a lot more appealing to your audience and, in turn, improve your acclaim and recognition.



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